Tuesday, June 28, 2005

why i love my pug...

1. because when i take a shower, she cries and cries because i won't let her into the tub with me (i used to but the water gets in her nose and she gets these horrible coughs), so i have to open the curtains a little bit and she sits on the ledge of the tub until i am done

2. because when i talk to her, all she hears is "waungh waungh, waungh, waungh, NO, waungh waungh, SIT, waungh waungh waungh, TREAT, waungh waugh..." and she cocks her head from side to side

3. because when a dog is on tv, she runs up to the screen barking at it so that it will come out and play with her

4. because when the tv isn't on, she stares at it, crying softly until i turn it on

5. because when she wants to take a nap, she puts her paws up on my knees until i pick her up and then she curls up in my lap and sleeps

6. because she looks so cute when she sleeps in her "superman" position (on her tummy, face between her paws which are straight out in flying mode)

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