Wednesday, June 22, 2005

10 uses for the black's law dictionary

ok, so i don't *yet* have 10 uses for my new black's law dictionary that i won at my future law school's pre-orientation program last night. but nerd that i am, i actually used it today!

long story to explain why i even did this, but i looked up the word "easement" - an interest in land owned by another person, consisting in the right to use or control the land, or an area above or below it, for a specific limited purpose (in case you were wondering) - and found ONE AND A HALF pages of definitions - in size 10 font.

oh, boy. no wonder people say it takes 2 hours to read 25 pages of case material. with con law, contracts, torts, civ pro, property courses plus legal writing and elements of law next semester, it looks like i'll be spending a lot of time at the library, head deep in my case books and a very worn-out black's law dictionary.

darn, i wish i won the leather-bound version.

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