Monday, June 13, 2005

$4625 out-of-pocket

so i've just charged $4625 to my american express. and this was only for the deposit. seems like a lot of money for a girl who is unemployed and about to start law school to spend, isn't it? well, it's all in the name of love. this girl is about to be married, and apparently spending upwards of $35k for your wedding is the norm these days.

money-spending aside, i'm actually getting pretty excited about this whole wedding business. i've honestly never been the type of girl who's imagined her dream wedding since she was 10. in fact, the proposal from my boyfriend of 5 years was a complete surprise to me. i mean, i'm 26 years old, but i still feel like i'm 16. but all of a sudden, all i have is wedding on the brain. all i can think about is:

  • wedding dresses (yes, i found mine!)
  • DJs
  • string quartets
  • videographers
  • officiants
  • photographers (done)
  • wedding favors
  • bridemaids dresses (got them, from Thread)
  • bouquets
  • centerpieces
  • invitations (bridemaid's professional designer boyfriend is doing these, am i lucky or what?)
when i hear a song, i wonder, "should we play this at our reception?"

when i see a floral arrangement i think, "hmm, that would look great as our centerpiece..."

if someone else were telling me that they thought about things like that, i would snicker behind their backs and call them pathetic. but now i understand.


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