Saturday, June 25, 2005

things i love (part one)...

1. when head chefs from really nice restaurants (like ono in the hotel gansevoort) have free cooking demonstrations at williams-sonoma and i get to eat foie gras with mango chutney and black miso shrimp dumplings for free

2. when a potential wedding dj is willing to meet me at 10pm on a tuesday night at the LAX airport because he wants our business

3. when my puppy runs to the door with a wagging tail to greet me after a hot day outside

4. when my husband-to-be suddenly has a stroke of generosity and buys me 2 skirts, sandals and a top in one day


Frances said...

Cool list.
I like your blog.
Found it on
Pugs are such great doggies; I love that worried look they have. Their faces are a velvety much.
Take care.

abusygirl said...

thanks for reading my blog, frances! yes, my little pugger always has a worried look on her face, even though she really has nothing to worry about.

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