Wednesday, June 22, 2005

the spainards have a sense of humor

our friend M. let us know this past weekend that, apparently, the word esposas means both wives and handcuffs in spanish.

coincidence? or not? i'll let you decide.


Tea said...

Oh my God, you've got a blog!! Sorry it took me so long to see this. My computer died on me about a little over 2 weeks ago so I was without one until recently. I basically lost everything including your email so if you see this, send it to me again!! :p I'll still write you soon though...but I'd like to have the email too.

Anyhow, can I link to your blog? So glad you have a blog now so I can catch up on what's been happening with you. :D's awesome.

abusygirl said...

of course you can link to my blog - the more the merrier :)

i emailed you again - write me back!