Tuesday, June 21, 2005

what my dog is crazy for...

i decided to write a blog for my dog, since she is currently undergoing her spay surgery and i feel guilty about it (even though it is the socially responsible thing to do). or perhaps i am just still a little drunk from my restaurant week prix fixe lunch plus wine pairing at Aquavit (which i may write about later when i am less full and can think about food again) and feel like writing something, anything.

poor thing was so excited to go to the vet office this morning, not knowing that she was about to be sedated for an hour while they [warning: gross] take out her ovaries.

anyways, as i walked back into my building, my doorman handed me a package full of Greenies - these awesome dog treats that my puppy goes NUTS over. if you have a dog, or better yet, a pug, you HAVE to get them some. under normal circumstances, my puppy is the most social being you will ever meet -- if you ever come to my place, you will most certainly be greeted by excessive licking and tail wagging.

but give this dog a Greenie and she becomes rainman. i can see her speech bubble now: "greenie, greenie, my greenie, more greenies, more greenies..." if you try to go near her while she has a Greenie in her mouth, she will run away, for fear that you will take it away from her. god forbid you actually stretch out your hand, she will then swallow whatever is left of it (keep in mind these things are 5 inches long), and then throw it back up the next morning.

you can get free samples here: http://www.treatforall.com

ps. if you ever need a spay/neuter for your dog, this site has great discounted certificates: http://www.friendsofanimals.org


Dagny said...

My puppy just got spayed 2 weeks ago and I felt guilty as well. She cried a lot! I am such a sucker though; bought her every treat I could think of!

abusygirl said...

i know, i hate that we have to do this to our poor puppies. but at least they recover really quickly (and it's impossible to keep them from jumping and running for 10 days). good luck with your puppy and your move for law school!