Tuesday, August 02, 2005

peach torts and appellate pies

i've been spending the last two days at an intensive law school preview program (and will do so for the next four days), and surprisingly, i've been able to stay awake for the entire 8-hour lecture on both days. not only do i stay awake, i've been really engaged and interested in what these professors have to say about contract and torts law.

this is really good progress for someone who once missed a midterm because she never went to class and didn't realize there was a midterm until a week later when she overheard someone talking about it in the campus grocery store. yes, i plan to work a LOT harder in law school than undergrad.

anyways, the professor who taught torts usually teaches at Yale Law School (a school that i am, unfortunately, not attending) and he was AWESOME. he made a joke out of everything including his childhood, smoking dope, cricket (the "sport"), his marriage, his own name, you-name-it. i literally laughed out loud at least twice an hour. and more importantly, i came out of the class understanding (well, at least at a surface level) strict liability vs. fault liabiity and what proximate cause and cause-in-fact are. and i think my poor memory might actually remember these things because i was entertained while i was learning them.

i also came out of the class with a realization (and what i hope to be a true realization) that law professors are going to be much more interesting than my undergrad engineering professors. i mean, these guys talk and write for a living and they're all eloquent and witty and used to be hippies. how cool is that?

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