Wednesday, August 10, 2005

march of the one-Ls

just watched March of the Penguins, which if you haven't heard, is this documentary about penguins in the South Pole who walk 70 miles each year to find a mate and have babies in the midst of an arctic winter, when the weather is something like 60-below-zero with 100 mph of wind.

it made me think of all the soon-to-be one-Ls, including yours truly, who will be making the journey to law school in an attempt to find a job (and in some cases - but not mine - a mate who might obliterate the need for them to find a job).

that sad but true thing about the film is that the 70-mile walk (herein referred to as "LSATs and applications") to the breeding grounds (i.e. "law school") is just the beginning of the weighty process (i.e. "briefing cases, making outlines and taking 8-hour exams for 3 years") that leads up to a healthy baby penguin (i.e. "biglaw job") being born (i.e. "getting an offer") and raised to a suitable age where it can sustain its own life (i.e. "finally making enough money as a law firm partner to be able to retire").

ok, i've also just realized the scary fact that, even before becoming a law student, i've managed to watch movie about penguins in Antarctica and relate that to law school. wow, that is so ego-centric. i can see why a lot of lawyers lose their non-lawyer friends after law school.

i'm about one mile (i.e "2 weeks") away from the breeding grounds. should i turn back now?

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