Tuesday, August 02, 2005

houston, we have progress

not that this is of interest to anyone but me and my hubby-to-be [ok, maybe just me], BUT i had a few pieces of wedding progress/excitement today and i wanted write about them. and, god damn it, this is my self-absorbed blog, so i will write about what i want:

1. my photographer sent us the pictures that she took of us in July at a beach in Malibu, and they are cute! i mean, i don't look that cute, but the pictures are cute. of course, being the narcissist that i am, i immediately scanned my favorite ones into my computer and updated our wedding website with them. so that hubby-to-be (let's call him R. from now so i don't need to keep writing "hubby-to-be") can be even more embarrased when his friends see the website and pictures of us snuggling on the beach and writing our initials in the sand.

2. the bridal boutique called and said that my wedding dress finally arrived!! i won't be sizing it until november, in case i either lose weight [unlikely] or blow up like a balloon [more likely] in the next 3 months, but i can go in and try it on whenever i want. i kind of forgot what it looks like, to be honest, so it might make sense to do that. but in any case, the dress is finally here, after 5 months of waiting.

3. i finally booked the DJ and the harpist for the wedding. only exciting because i don't need to think about it anymore (well, until the wedding).

wedding countdown calendar now reads: 5 months and 26 days.

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