Tuesday, August 23, 2005

no! not the rolly duffel!

since i'm going to be carrying a 7-pound notebook computer plus 30 pounds of case books to school everyday, i'm starting to accept the fact that i may need to get one of those really dorky rolly duffels. i guess preventing a visit to the emergency room for a slipped disc is more important than being in with the popular kids.

like my parents always told me, "school is not a fashion show."

luckily one of my friends clued me in on a rolly backpack that is both cool and affordable:


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Webgrl said...

ug i just succumbed to a rolly tho its a laptop rolly so its only slightly less dorky
i'm still looking for a cute but respectable and feminine one.
Mine is all chunky and manly looking. But its really nice rolling my shit around instead of as u said slipping a disc! and *cringe* i can hear my mother making the fashion comment too
'school is not a fashion show'

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