Tuesday, August 09, 2005

doing yoga at my house (i.e. with a pug)

it's always great to have that free morning when you can do yoga in the peace and privacy of your living room. you clear out the coffee table, pop the DVD in the player and turn on your 39-inch TV (way too big for your new-york-size apartment, but that's a different story).

then you remember that you have a pug. a playful, 10-month old, attention-grubbing female puppy who can't stand it when your activites, including yoga, don't include her.

as the relaxing yoga music starts, you notice that there is also another sound: the sound of your pug chewing on her nylabone. it's strangely soothing.

and as you move into downward dog position, there is, quite applicably, a dog who is licking your feet and hands and running underneath you.

the cobra pose, one of your favorite positions because it stretches your tired back so nicely, is also fun for the pug, who takes this opportunity to climb on your back. unexpectedly, it almost feels like a nice massage.

moving into triangle pose is a bit confusing for the puppy, because she can't quite grasp why you have your head in the position it is in. but, nonetheless, she will happily come over and lick your face (getting licked in the face while you are trying to balance is challenging!)

before you lie down to prepare for boat pose, you realize that you need to first clear out all the rubber balls, stuffed pigs and rope toys from the carpet. your pug has been dragging them out of her crate one-by-one while your yoga session has been going on, to show you that she, too, has an agenda.

finally, you are ready to move into your relaxation mode. as you close your eyes and let your arms and legs fall to the side, you feel sniffling all over your body as your pug checks to make sure you are still alive. can't get more relaxed than that!


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