Friday, July 15, 2005

the word is out...

i just sent out my first group of save-the-date cards, so there's no turning back now. soon our friends and family all over the US (and in some cases asia) will know about the crazy day that will be our wedding.

advice to you girls out there who are planning a wedding (or i guess to be fair, guys too - but we all know who usually does the wedding dirty work): begin collecting mailing addresses from all your friends, close family, and long-lost family that you have to invite out of politeness SOONER rather than later. as much as you will want to just send out an evite for the damn thing, it is proper etiquette to send anything related to the wedding by mail. not email, mind you, but US-postal-service-managed-delivered-by-men-in-blue-shorts-driving-little-white-trucks-mail. yes, it takes me back to the early nineties back when people called the internet the "information superhighway".

so anyways, i still have another 50 STDs to send out before the end of this month.

and by STDs i mean save-the-dates, not that other highly transmittable thing that we do not speak of in the same entry that speaks of a wedding. C. and J., you sick of that joke yet? :)


Chris said...

i will be scrutinizing mine for a LARGE blue flower! and yes, can't wait for the next "witty" wedding acronym

abusygirl said...

you got the biggest flower of the bunch, i swear!! :)

as for the next great acronym, what about TMFSTD [can't stay away from those STDs]- too much friggin sh*t to do. sigh.