Tuesday, July 26, 2005

idiot of the week

this past sunday, as me and my hubby-to-be [yes, i don't like using the word fiance - it's so... french] walk into the subway station to meet our friends for dim sum, two policemen come running up to us and tell us that "this station is temporarily closed - get outside right now!"

when we ask them what is wrong, they say that there is a "situation" in the train station and it is not safe for us to be there. that's when we scoot ourselves out of there as soon as we can.

when we get outside, we notice that there are crowds of people with their luggage waiting to get back in, ambulances and firetrucks everywhere, and a civilian talking to camoflouge-wearing-AK47-carrying-soldiers, describing some sort of man with a bag . hmmm, scary. but being used to this type of stuff (since there are ambulances and firetrucks on our street pretty much every day of the week and we used to see ravers dressed in camoflouge pants all the time), we take a little detour and get to chinatown right on schedule.

the next day, i find this in the news. skip to paragraph 6 and 7 and read about the idiot that caused hundreds of people to miss their train. god, with people like him, who needs terriosts??


Tea said...

Oh my god...what an idiot. I'm glad that it wasn't really a bomb though and that everyone's okay. We definitely don't need another one of those crap going on.

Btw, I will really write you soon girlie!! :D

abusygirl said...

bombs, earthquakes, hurricanes and typhoons... is there anywhere we can live that is actually safe??

yeah, you better write me soon. :)