Sunday, July 17, 2005

oh (potentially) happy day!

just checked my home voicemail and i got a message from the admissions department of the law school that i've been waitlisted at! woohoo! this could be good. man, if they are calling to let me in, then this has been a LONG time coming.

must not get my hopes up though - maybe they are just calling for yet another update, to gauge interest, to ask for more information, or to tease me just for fun. but a girl can dream, can't she?

argh, i wish they would send me an email or something! oooh, maybe i can use their online status checker and see what it says. nope, that didn't help - it still says "status: waitlisted" and last update 5/26/05. darn.

the funny thing is, last night i started an entry about how waiting for them sucks but i never got around to publishing it. now i feel kind of stupid for writing about them. but, just so i have a record of my emotional state before receiving their message, i will attach my original (unfinished) entry below. hopefully there will be a conclusion tomorrow.

all together now, in Annie fashion: tomorrow, tomorrow... i'll love this school tomorrow, it's only a day away...

title: waiting sucks

i have always been an impatient person, so when a law school that i applied to, oh, SEVEN MONTHS ago still cannot decide whether they want to let me in or not, it kind of drives me insane.

on top of the fact that i've been waiting for so long, they refuse to let me push it out of my mind (which is what i usually do with things that bother me) by contacting me and giving me false hope every few months.

first, they tell me that i am waitlisted.

then, 2 months later, they ask for an update: "do you still want to continue to be on the waitlist?". uh, yeah, you b**tards, the $65 application fee wasn't meant to be a charitable donation.

then, 2 months after that, they tell me i am on their special priority waitlist, which i guess means i'm supposed to have a better chance at getting into their oh-so-almighty school.

then, a month after they originally said i was supposed to hear back, i get another "do you still want to be on the waitlist" email! oh, that really ruffles my feathers.... [never finished - i wanted to think of a better metaphor than "ruffles my feathers" but couldn't think of one]

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