Wednesday, July 20, 2005

wooohoooo - happy day it is! (is it?)

spoke with the admissions person at that law school that i was originally waitlisted at - and i'm in! they let me in, with my sorry undergrad GPA and all. i feel very blessed today.

i was all worried because i had this sudden realization late last night that maybe they only wanted to let me into the evening program, but my fears were unfounded. i'm in the full-time-daytime-more-classes-but-no-classes-needed-during-summer program! woohoo!

now i have a few options to consider:

1) go to this school and be very, very, very poor for 3 years plus be highly in debt for 5 years after i graduate, but with a higher likelihood of getting a big law job, which could reduce the 5 years of debt into 3 years of debt. deal with the seemingly not-so-helpful administration at this higher-ranked school for 3 years.

2) go to the other school i was planning on going to and be somewhat poor for 3 years but be in debt for only 3 years after i graduate, unless i screw up and can't get a big law job which means i will be in debt for 5 years anyways (and be really pissed off because i would be making less than i did before attending law school). be potentially happier for 3 years at this school because of the much nicer administration and nicer facilities. EDIT: be MUCH less in debt because they just offered me a lot more money today. unless i really, really screw up and end up in the bottom 40% of the class which means i will pay the same after my first year. hmmmmmmmmm. time to really really really think about this.

3) forget law school and this career thing altogether and live off of my husband-to-be. have three kids before i'm thirty and become a very desperate housewife. be potentially bored for the rest of my life but live through an artificially happier facade thanks to all the prescription medication my shrink will provide me with.

i'm leaning towards option #3, but it's been a long day. anyone care to weigh in?


JUNGIRL said...

my vote is for 3!!! i'll see you there on wisteria lane! after i find the rich as* motherf*cker that i can trick into marrying me. hehe

what? i'm not a gold digger... what gave you that impression?

abusygirl said...

sounds good. we can mix our prescription meds and have a great time.