Saturday, November 12, 2005

good food on a poor student's budget

being a poor student after making decent income for 5 years takes some adjusting. being a poor student while living in manhattan takes A LOT of adjusting. being a poor student who is also an extreme food-lover in manhattan means you have to get REALLY creative.

and so, to help other poor students in manhattan who love to eat, i've compiled a list of cheap eats that actually taste really really good (because there's nothing worse than eating bad food).

(i'm also helping other law students at my school by taking the time to create this list instead of studying for my exams in 2 weeks, therefore lowering the curve.)

so enjoy! and please let me know if you have other ones to add.

yummy things under $10
1. florentines from Sweet Melissa's - 2 for $1
2. cream puffs from Beard Papa - $1.49
3. slice of grandma's pizza from Bleecker St Pizza - $2.50
4. zucchini/potato/funghi pizza from Sullivan St Bakery - $2.50
5. pork chop over rice from May Wah - $4.95
6. soft serve ice-cream from McDonalds - usually $1
7. everything bagel with sun-dried tomato tofutti from Absolut Bagels - $2.95
8. toasted yummy flatbread edges from Cosi - free
9. de pabillon arepa from Caracas - $5
10. cheese and potato pierogies from Polonia - $4.50
11. truffled egg toast from 'ino - $7
12. sauteed rice cake from nyonya - $5.25
13. spicy korean casserole from Albene - $13.99 (for two people)
14. beef shabu shabu from happy shabu - $8.50
15. masala dosai from chennai garden - $6.95


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Mary Ann said...

You're making me hungry!

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Anonymous said...

as much as the food here sounds awesome and affordable, i usually end up dining at the closest subway. because it's close, cheap, tolerable and not completely detrimental to my longevity. That said there are a couple stops on this list I might be inclined to make my way over to with a couple friends for a taste should our law degrees ever allow us a spare moment.

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