Friday, September 09, 2005

oh, and just to keep track:

how much weight is currently in my backpack: 10 pounds (i figured out that finishing all my work in the library can save me from the fate that is the rolly duffel)

my current favorite professor: still Professor Torts, but newly close in second is Professor Contracts, who talks about tangents but is actually becoming kind of interesting once you get past his super-variable sound levels ("so the damages that are really due is the difference between the MARKET value of the goods...")

number of days of class i have had: 7

number of pages of cases that i have read: 360

number of hours i have studied in the library: 18

number of days until my first exam: 36

number of days until my vegas trip: 29

how happy my dog was to see me come home today: 45 wags per minute (not as fast as last week because she ripped opened her toy dog's leg, so she had to hide from me for a little bit while i cleaned up the stuffing)

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